Tag: Tools For College Choice

New Tools For Undergrad And Graduate Student Decisions About College Choices

Guest Blogger: Alysia Dupuy

An inordinate amount of pressure falls on teenagers to excel in school and gain admission to top universities. Many high school juniors tend to fixate on the most well-known schools, without truly considering what they want in their college experience and which institutions best fit their unique desires. With this resource, users can rank, filter, and compare colleges by location, tuition, mean GPA or SAT admitted, and much more to find schools that complement their individual expectations.

Once that elusive acceptance letter has arrived, the next obstacle is the cost of college. Whether you are looking to mitigate fee hikes and tuition increases, or looking for a full-ride scholarship, the scholarship database provides the same instruments to allow for a customized search. Identify niche grants specific to you–whether based on gender, background, interests, or skills–and improve your chances of an award.

After four years as an undergraduate, the anxiety of applications returns, as many pursue graduate school. Whether you are looking for a degree from one of the top business schools,  prestigious law schools, or best medical schools, this resource enables students to sort through all U.S. accredited universities in a search for their perfect fit.