Texas Requires Detailed Completion Plan For College Students

In June, the Texas legislature passed H.B. 3025 “to facilitate the timely completion of degrees.” The law requires students to submit a plan detailing how they will achieve their degrees – and then obtain permission any time they choose to deviate from the plan. (Stateline.org, 08/10/11).  When you read the article, note the student concerns about being locked into a plan early in their college career. Student interests may change over time.

2 comments on “Texas Requires Detailed Completion Plan For College Students”

  1. Students do shift from one course to another. It’s hard being locked into 1 plan because what if the first doesn’t interests you anymore? But let’s look at the bright side it would make the student more responsible with what course they would take. And it would help them focus more because of the plan they made. And the institution would also know what that student plans ahead. Mostly those who have plans are the ones who succeed. It’s not good for a student to keep on shifting from one course to another unless that student have a valid reason but I would say the institution can’t stop the student from shifting or could they?

    Going to college is not an easy task as I always say, student who have goals have plans so I think this won’t harm them at all nevertheless would benefit them.

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  2. Jannice – I was going to be negative on this blurb as I changed my major roughly three, maybe four times. But…I like your comments. Only recommendation I would have is have the kids do this after their freshman year when, with good advisors, they got half of the gen ed requirements out of the way for all degrees. Otherwise, I like your comments.

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