The Most Useful Apple iPhone and iPad Apps for Students

By Melissa Burns

All responsible students always try to stay on top of useful things for college and treat their studies very seriously. If you use iPhone or iPad you can choose from a large variety of useful applications which are sure to help you study harder, tackle necessary assignments, organize your time better than ever. So let us see what applications are the most appropriate for modern students and note a few ones which are worth using.

Apps for Data Collecting

If you spend much time in college preparing presentations, writing papers or looking for required data, it would be much comfortable to keep all this information in the Cloud. Apple offers a number of apps allowing to keep all papers, spreadsheets and other documents in sync, and access them easily from any place. Moreover, all papers are kept in one place and it’s no matter what device you use. You can share your documents in .doc, .xls, and a few other formats with PC users and they can work with these documents as well.


Apps for Class Material Downloading

Apple offers several applications which allow you to download lectures and other class materials right to your iPhone or iPad. In addition, there is a study tool which can save gigabytes of videos, and other types of material by topic you are learning. If you don’t want to ‘grab’ new lessons by yourself, you can sign up for automatic downloading of necessary courses.


Scheduling Apps

It is really important to have a task app to make to-do lists for a day or a week in advance. Apple has a few special applications for students always to be ready for exams, paper works etc. To add a task you should just install an app and throw it to your inbox. You can very easily create personal lists, notes, and other tasks. If you make a group project you are able to share lists and get special notifications when the tasks are updated or when the new ones are added or completed.

Apps for Calculation

Whether you are a programmer or a computer engineer the Apple calculation apps are indispensable. These programs support all variants of scientific notation, conversions, and boast many more functions. These apps will be really useful for you even after graduation.

Apps for Making Notes

When you attend to lectures you can use special apps to make notes. Apple applications for iPhone and iPad support tags and separate notebooks, allow you to make photos of a blackboard, and tag them for definite courses. iCloud sync is a great advantage so you can store your files in a cloud and access them whenever you wish from different devices.

New Mac and iOs owners can use most of the apps free of charge. For some older devices the programs can be purchased for very optimal prices. Find all apps here. You can choose such applications for iPhone and iPad as Pages and Numbers for data collecting, iTunes for downloading class materials, Wunderlist for scheduling, PCalc for calculations, and so on.

Melissa Burns graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University in 2008. Nowadays she  is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. Her sphere of interests includes startups, information technologies and how these ones may be implemented.


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