Useful Study Skills Guide For College Students

Study skills rank pretty high on the “must have” list for successful college students. But they’re not just about memorizing names, dates and places — that might get you through high school, but it won’t cut it for college! On top of having a good memory, you’ll need to know how to evaluate, contextualize, and compare all the information being thrown at you.

 So, how do you gain these critical study skills? You can start with the Study Skills Series on Get a grasp of what college level writing demands in “Having the “Write” Stuff for College” ( Check out “Now Read This! Effective & Efficient Reading” ( for tips on how to read to learn. Contributing to classroom discussions may not seem like a study skill, but students who ask questions and comment get a lot more of out of the class than those who keep quiet. Go to “Speak Up! Contributing to Discussions” ( Tests bring on a lot of anxiety for students; pick up some pointers for how to ease the stress of test-taking and earn a better grade in “How to Become an Ace Test-Taker”. 


 This study skills series is written by Amy Baldwin, a community college instructor and author of several books on college success, including “The First-Generation College Experience.” 


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