What Can You Really Do With Your College Major?

By Taylor Tomita

As a lot us are just dipping your toes into the college world, there are a plethora of factors that we must take into account throughout our lifetimes in the college realm. Working, frugality, and studying for the next big exam are just three of the many responsibilities for today’s college students – yet skipping out on the research to find what their degree can be applied to is often overlooked.

Many of us have aspirations of owning our own business, but did you know that obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration can also put you in the position to pursue a career as a market research analyst or as a human resource representative? There are a handful of career options that come with nearly every degree, and I wanted to outline a few of the key points to keep an eye on with a few of today’s college opportunities.

Medical Majors

Of course, one of the first occupations that comes to mind when we think of a PhD are positions alike surgeon, because it is something we hear rather frequently. While pursuing surgery is a fantastic career opportunity, acquiring a PhD in medicine opens career paths in a variety of medical fields that require little-to-no additional certification. This list outlines these careers with options, such as biomedical engineering or physical therapy, which are just a few of the lesser-known values of acquiring a PhD in the medical field.

Law Majors

At first glance, many individuals are turned away from pursuing law as a career. This is likely due to a noticeable decrease in career opportunities surrounding law surrounding the recession. However, those who have acquired (or are working towards acquiring) these degrees are flourishing. Recently, there has been a rather large influx in various uncommon cases surrounding law.  Medical malpractice, and social security cases are becoming more apparent as time goes on, and this has opened a rather large window into various types of careers for today’s individuals holding a degree in law.

Engineering Majors

The world of engineering has thrived over the last decade. As the popularity of oil field occupations grows, seeking an engineering degree can very well put you into the position to become a very wealthy individual. However, as technology continues to grow, there are many additional opportunities throughout the engineering world. These degrees open up possibilities for interested individuals to join the thriving world of robotics, which is growing at an alarming rate at both the industrial and consumer levels.

Journalism Majors

In the past, journalism degrees generally meant you had about two career options – either being a reporter for the local newspaper, or the television. As both of these options are sadly being whittled down with the rise of the internet, many students have stayed away from pursuing journalism careers. This decrease in interest, coupled with a large increase in journalism opportunities, have created a goldmine of career options for journalism majors. Becoming a content producer or a grant writer are now widely sought-after in today’s world

In Summary, it is vital to fully research every opportunity that can be pursued with your chosen college major. You will be surprised with what you find! Thank you for reading!

Author Bio:

Taylor Tomita is an Idaho-based writer for SavvyContent.com who enjoys writing about the education and entrepreneurial worlds. When not writing, you can find Taylor playing in the band Stepbrothers. Find him on Twitter (@trvshlvrd_rr).



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