Will Online Education By Elite Universities Provide College Credit?

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The New York Times reported yesterday that the University of Washington planned to offer college credit for some of their newly-announced Massively Open Online Courses. Sadly, it appears news of UW’s plans to award credits was a case of “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

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2 comments on “Will Online Education By Elite Universities Provide College Credit?”

  1. Hi Dr. Kirst,

    I wonder if the University of Washington was planning on some sort of life learning experience or similar program. In my experience, these programs are available to students, but credits are generally only awarded for undergraduate general education and elective credits. Maybe there was miscommunication regarding the details of these programs. Either way, I agree with you. Thanks!

  2. I do not know, but agree this is a good idea. This concept of credit for learning experience is spreading rapidly.

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