Eliminate Tuition And Pay College Fees Through Subsequent Income?

By Larry Gordon/Los Angeles Times
System President Mark G. Yudof says staff will study student group’s proposal in which graduates would have to pay 5% of their wages for two decades. UC Riverside students received a dose of validation Wednesday from system President Mark G. Yudof over their radical plan to abolish tuition and replace it with post-graduation payments equaling 5% of their income for 20 years. Speaking at a UC regents meeting on the Riverside campus, Yudof said he was “very impressed” with the proposal — despite the obstacles it would face in implementation. “We think the ideas are constructive,” Yudof said, promising that his staff would study the plan. His comments were a triumph of sorts for Chris LoCascio, a UC Riverside student who has led an effort to find an alternative to skyrocketing tuition and a way to cope with shrinking state education revenues. (more)

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