Obama’s American Graduation Initiative Ends Up In The Health Bill

March 23rd, 2010

Last year the President proposed a multi-faceted 12 billion dollar proposal to improve community colleges. The Congress could not pass this ambitious bill, so it was attached to health care with a 2 billion appropriation. Moreover, the purposes were restricted to job training, rather than more fundamental approaches to college completion and transfer to 4 year colleges. But something is better than nothing in this partisan political context.

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  1. Maha Nadeem says:

    Yes you are right, something is better than nothing.
    But a massive cut of 10 billion dollars is much to remember in a country like America.
    Hope for another election and thus a new bill…

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  2. Does this really happened in America? In USA? It makes me think that Congress does not value (community) college education.

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