University Expenditures Per Pupil Are Over Four Times Higher Than Community Colleges

March 22nd, 2010
California Community College students are mostly lower income and many are first generation students. About 70% are in remedial courses. University of California (8 campuses) students are wealthier and well prepared. Below is the funding per Full Time Equivalent student

University of California                $22,920

California State University            $11,722

K-12 education                            $ 7,417

California Community Colleges     5,376

California needs a high quality flagship system like UC. But the amount spent on Community Colleges is ridiculously low and inadequate. California Community Colleges have the lowest fees in the USA ($26 per credit), and this should be increased.  But state aid should be increased substantially.

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  1. Tha Master says:

    Wow, what a huge difference, I would expect to be a difference but not like that :O

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