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If you are one of those college students who are on tighter budget, you must be wondering how you will be able to go through your courses when you don’t have enough money to get access to powerful study tools. The good news is that there are still some great study tools which will cost you almost nothing, however, if you go for in purchase apps, you might have to pay a little money for use. In this article, you will be able to explore 10 amazingly useful tools for you.

1: iTunes University

 Apple has created an online iTunes University which has a huge database for the course material from almost all popular colleges and universities. You might also be able to find your school’s learning material on iTunes U and even if it is not available, you can still find similar material which will enable you to prepare yourself for exams.


  • Participation in private courses
  • Wide range of subjects
  • Courses from top universities
  • Notes and Highlights
  • Audio & video lectures
  • 750,000 free books, videos and lectures
  • Cultural institutions in thirty countries


Students can’t ignore vocabulary building as it helps them in their exams but most of the students have very limited access to the large number of words and if they try to be benefited with the resources, they have to pay. However, if they use dictionary.Com, it can let them have more than two million words with definition.


  • Word of the Day
  • Audio pronunciation
  • Voice search
  • Translation in 30 languages
  • 800 topics in fun language
  • Word Origin
  • Quiz Widget
  • Local lookups
  • Spelling suggestions

3: Exam Vocabulary Builder

It is claimed that more than six million people are using Exam Vocabulary Builder application to improve their vocabulary power. The vocabulary building source has been very effective in increasing language proficiency, professional advancement, and graduate or college entrance exams. This app is especially great for those who want to prepare themselves for TOEFL or ESL.


  • Illustrative sentences
  • Quick memorizing
  • Find vocabulary list
  • Clearly defined group words
  • Interesting quiz mode
  • Words organization

4: iStudiez Lite

If you need to prepare yourself for the semester quickly and you have already wasted a lot of time, iStudiez can be a perfect organizer for you this time as it will allow you to organize your exam schedule, assignment and coursework. The free version of this useful app will allow you to manage at least 15 classes and 15 assignments. In addition to this, you can also get 5 courses and 5 instructors.


  • Organize schedule
  • Follow up homework
  • Summarize classes and tasks
  • Up to date with pending tasks
  • Protect your data

5: Google Drive

Google Drive is a bunch of office use applications based on cloud and with the help of GD, you can take notes, develop presentations, create spreadsheets and draw diagrams and most important of all, you can keep all those files saved in cloud which can be accessed from a computer or a cellphone whenever needed.


  • View docs, PDFs, videos, photos etc
  • Easy file & folder sharing
  • Searching files by content or name
  • Quick access to the recent files
  • Check out details of files and other activities
  • Offline file viewing

6: Skype

You might be wondering how Skype comes in the category of study apps. Well, it has all the features which can make it a perfect study app such as voice chat, text chat, video calling, file sharing etc. When you have shortage of time and can’t personally visit your classmates to discuss something related to study, you can use Skype for effective and quick communication.


  • Send & receive messages
  • Send videos, photos and other files
  • Voice & video calls
  • Video messaging

7: Coursera

Coursera is basically a company that is involved in educational technology and providing its services through online courses for free. It has made partnership with some of the top universities to make a large number of courses available for everyone in computer science, social sciences, medicines, mathematics, biology, physics, humanities, business and all other major subjects. You can choose a course from hundreds of available courses, watch video lectures, complete assessments and connect with instructors and learners.


  • Online free courses
  • Browse catalog
  • Join courses
  • Learn anything anytime
  • Wide range of subjects

8: Evernote

Evernote is considered to be the most effective tool to take notes, compose, bookmark etc. The app can also be used for to-do-list. Eevernote is available on variety of platforms including mobile apps and web browsers. If you are working on a lengthy research paper, this simple app will help you stay focused on taking ideas. It will also enable you to collect information including snap photos, handwritten notes and web articles.

9: XMind XMindis considered to be one of the best mind mapping tools and when you are receiving ideas in your head, it helps you create simple charts and maps. When you have overloaded by the information and it seems impossible to find out the valuable ideas from loads of info, XMind will clarity your thinking. This tool will enable you to evaluate, connect and organize ideas. XMind supports variety of programs including MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF, Plain Text, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc.


  • Mind mapping
  • Fishbone chart
  • Matrix
  • Local networking sharing
  • Brainstorming
  • Mind toolbox

10: MyScript Smart Note

MyScript Smart Note enables users to write, annotate and sketch images. With the help of this app, youcan export handwritten notes as text which can be searched, defined and edited. If you have stored notes in Evernote, GoogleDrive, DropBox or S-Note, you can share them via email. The capability of recognition of text is available in more than 59 languages. You can easily edit your notes with easy gestures. Erase, insert or join words all together.


  • Write notes naturally
  • Search notes
  • Share notes
  • Store notes
  • Edit notes with gestures
  • Use digital paper

Final Words

All of the above discussed study apps can be really helpful for the students to enhance their learning skills for their school, college or university studies. Students also find difficulty in preparation of custom essays, assignments, research papers, book reviews and other similar documents and the best solution to deal with these issues is to get help from Coursework home where you can assistance from professionals.

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